I'm raiven

I like to read, exclusively use SpongeBob gifs and my most prized material possession is my couch.

I've worked on Subway, GEICO, Buffalo Wild Wings, RITZ Crackers, UPS, Sling TV, Land O' Lakes, Doordash, CarMax, Hanes, Midas, Make A Wish, Purina, Benjamin Moore, Terminix, & Science Moms

and I love what I do. 

contact e-mail: raivenad@gmail.com


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ask me about the books I've read this year


Patrick Rothfuss "Name of the Wind"
Daed Astronauts
Raised in Captivity
Gwendy's Button Box
Patrick Rothfuss "The Wise Man's Fear"
Lauren Groff "Matrix"
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BOOKS 2021